about how we coach entrepreneurs


I provide tech & wellness coaching to help entrepreneurs like you run your business with less stress.

My focus is on saving time and money by introducing a range of free technologies that are quick and easy to use.

I turn the most daunting challenges into simple solutions you can do yourself! My tech & wellness coaching process guides & supports you through the stressful journey of entrepreneurship.

My Mission: Provide Tech & Wellness Coaching for Entrepreneurs

It is my mission to help entrepreneurs like you navigate your way through the information jungle. Equally important is the need for your physical & emotional well-being.

I know that entrepreneurship can be a very stressful and lonely journey. That is why I’ve made it my mission to provide a helping hand wherever I can.

I Love Simple Tech & Coaching Entrepreneurs

I believe every entrepreneur deserves help but doesn’t always have the money or resources to make it happen. To meet those challenges, Sylvia’s IT was formed.

I developed my company because I love helping entrepreneurs discover quick & easy tech solutions to their problems. And from personal experience, I know how difficult it is to start a business without help and support.

Wellbeing is Equally Important

Like myself, many entrepreneurs work long hours. So, it’s crucial to find ways of reducing stress. To help achieve a more balanced life, I developed a tech & wellness coaching program.

However, if you prefer the DIY method. I’ve researched and tested a range of great technology resources to get you started.

about tech & wellness coaching for entrepreneurs

Sylvia’s Background

My background includes 2 decades of travelling & working in over a dozen countries. My experience is complemented by an M.Ed. in Adult Education & Digital Technology, a B.F.A. in Photography, a Graphic Design Diploma & TESL qualifications.