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Every business whether old or new should be using some form of cloud technology to operate more efficiently and productively. While there are a vast number of digital possibilities to choose from, you do not need to use them all.  In fact, there are just 4 that are essential to your business right now. You can review the remaining 10 when you have the need or the time to do so. However, the best thing about these tools is that they all have free options, though limited in scope each is highly useful when you are just starting out. Not only will they save you a great deal of time and money, but they are also quick and easy to learn.

Companies with limited budgets will find these tools extremely useful as they begin to grow their business. While each has unique features, you do not have to learn them all at once. In fact, there may be some you will never use at all. So, to start you off we have organized the software into three categories: the first 4 are essential tools you should be using right away. These are followed by 5 others that are also important but can be checked out later when you have the time or the need for them. The final 5 are also useful, but not essential to businesses just starting out so can be explored at any time.

Essential Tech 

1. StudioPress 

Top 5 Reasons You Need a Website

  1. It provides a home for all your products or services, blogs, and e-books or videos you wish to share.
  2. Customer support can be provided through ticketing software or through a simpler feature like an FAQ page.
  3. Online marketing and social media accounts can be connected to easily drive customers to specific pages of your site.
  4. Gives your business much greater credibility for the services or products you provide.
  5. Enables small businesses to compete on a more level playing field.

2. Hubspot CRM

Top 5 Reasons You Need CRM Software

  1. It provides you with a centralized place for storing data on prospects, customers and business contacts.
  2. Gives you a full and accurate record of all communications with prospects, leads, and customers.
  3. It improves communication between your contacts and employees should territories be changed or new reps hired.
  4. It’s a sustainable and scalable tool that helps your company grow, while easily increasing your client base.
  5. From recorded notes, phone calls and email exchanges, reps can provide clients with more personalized service.

3. Wave Accounting

Top 5 Reasons You Need Accounting Software

  1. Increases business efficiency and accuracy of transactions by connecting your business accounts.
  2. Create reports and year-end taxes that you can do yourself, or to be sent off to a professional accountant.
  3. Send professional invoices, estimates, and receipts, which means you can get paid a lot quicker.
  4. Tracks your income and expenses with ease., as well as the invoices you’ve sent and the payments received.
  5. Quickly scan all business receipts through an app on your cell phone, then verify the transactions when you have time.

4. Trello Project Management

Top 5 Reasons You Need Project Management Software

  1. Organizes all your business projects into tasks to complete them more efficiently.
  2. Allows you to assign tasks and monitor how employee s are performing.
  3. Creates an instant view of a team’s workflow.
  4. Gives you and your team the ability to share documents, calendars, and contacts in a centralized location.
  5. Enables project tracking of due dates and performance of key personnel.

Important Digital Tools 

5. Slack

Creates a shared workspace to make communication between team members quick and simple. Search conversations and streamline your workflow.

6. Collage HR

Store employee records securely and setup onboarding for new staff. Schedule time-off and conduct performance reviews.


7. Mail Chimp

Email marketing automation that targets your customer’s behaviour, preferences, and past sales records too.

8. Join Me

Host online meetings or video conferences. Conduct webinars or share your screen and you can connect API’s.


9. Google Docs

A great alternative to the MS Office Suite. With Google docs, sheets, slides and forms you can collaborate anywhere at any time and it’s all for free.

Useful Digital Tools 

10. Expensify

Create expense reports, scan receipts, tax tracking and direct deposit reimbursements for travel expenses.

11. Tripit

Creates travel itineraries and receive confirmation emails that can be edited and viewed on your mobile device.

12. Hootsuite

Schedule messages to send across all your social media platforms. Connect with your customers and track what is being said about your brand.

13. IQ Office Space

Rent space for meetings, events, private offices, coworking or virtual space, as well as dedicated office space, with locations in Toronto and Vancouver.

14. Office Mobile

Create documents, edit or view them on the go with your mobile devices. Available free for Android, iOS, and Windows.