Tech Tools for Entrepreneurs

How much would it mean to you if your business ran smoother, you saved money, and had more free time? If you said a lot, then you’ll love the technologies I’ve selected for entrepreneurs just like you. I’ve chosen these tech tools after extensive testing and use in my own business. While there are lots of other options to choose from, I can guarantee that these tech tools will handle most tasks and help reduce your stress!

critical tech tools

Critical Tech Tools

The technologies in this first section are critical to the smooth operation of any business. In fact, these tools can help run your business more efficiently at little to no cost.

Web Development Tools

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

1. A website provides a home for all your products, services, blog, e-books and so much more.

2. You can also provide customer support through ticketing software or a simpler feature like an FAQ page.

3. Your online marketing campaigns, social media posts, and blog can all be connected to drive customers to landing pages on your site.

4. A website will give your business greater authority & credibility, as well as helping your customers quickly find you.

5. Creating a unique website presents an opportunity to compete on a more level playing field with larger competitors.

WordPress or StudioPress

CRM (Client Relationship Management)

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs CRM Software

1. Client Relationship Management or CRM software provides a centralized place for capturing sales, marketing & client interactions.

2. It presents an accurate record of communication with prospects, leads, and current customers.

3. This software can also help improve communication between contacts and staff should regions or reps change.

4. CRM software is a scalable tool that can support your company’s growth and client base.

5. Quick access to notes, phone calls and emails can offer you further insight into client behaviour. 


Accounting Software

Top 5 Reasons Your Business Needs Financial Software

1. Accounting software increases business efficiency & accuracy of financial transactions.

2. You can create reports and year-end taxes yourself or send them off to a professional accountant.

3. Financial software also enables you to send professional invoices, estimates, and receipts to all your clients.

4. This technology can track your income, expenses, invoices, as well as all payments received.

5. It is also useful to instantly scan business receipts and verify your transactions when you have the time.


essential tech tools


The technologies in this section are also essential to running your business efficiently across different platforms. What is more, these tools support HR functions, communication, and company branding.

Communication Software

Creating a shared workspace can make communication between team members quicker and easier. In addition to that, you can search conversations and streamline workflows.


HR Software

HR software is great for onboarding new staff and managing schedules. Further to that, you can complete performance reviews and monitor time tracking activities. But more importantly, it provides a secure place to access and store employee records.

Join Home Base

Business Signature & Design Tools

Sending messages with an email signature tool such as Wisestamp gives your business a professional look. Likewise, designing your own logo and creating other promotional materials will build a recognizable brand for your business.


Tailor Brands Logo Maker


Important digital tools


Equally important is the technology found in this section. With these tools, entrepreneurs can manage their business expenses, travel, social media, and email marketing.

Business Expenses

Expensify allows you to create reports, scan receipts, and get direct deposit reimbursements for all your travel expenses. It also provides mileage tracking, l approval workflows, and credit card imports.


Business Travel

With this software, you can design your own travel itinerary and receive confirmation emails for the entire journey. Another great feature is the ability to view and edit your itinerary on the go.


Social Sharing & Scheduling

Hootsuite is a great tool for scheduling messages to post across your social media platforms. Though, it’s also important to connect with customers & track what is said about your brand.


Email Marketing

This type of software is vital for interacting with potential customers. As well, you can quickly create automated marketing campaigns that target new leads or your current clients. It’s also quite easy to design surveys and inquiry forms, then track the results.